Creating links for a positive impact


Serving your objectives by surprising you


Link and connect


Our networks, our innovative formats, thinking outside the box


Efficiency, creativity, integrity

Accelerate your positive impact through targeted connections

Our offers

We create links to sustain your business, facilitate the retention and acquisition of talent and improve your employer brand.

1. Creating external links

By creating external links, you can explore new business opportunities, develop strategic partnerships and strengthen your relationship with all your stakeholders.

Business Development

What for :
  • Developing strategic partnerships.
  • Launching and/or sustaining a business.

Objective: Increase your turnover

Awareness and influence

What for :
  • Expanding your ecosystem and benefiting from collective intelligence – e.g. Hackathon
  • Manage your community and stay informed – e.g. Impact Makers lunch

Objective: Create alliances and develop your reputation

Social & Environmental Impact

What for :
  • Embody your CSR vision and policy
  • Strengthen your employer brand

Objective: Act for tomorrow

2. Create internal links

By creating internal links around our high-impact themes, you raise awareness of new environmental and social issues. You break down silos and benefit from the power of collective intelligence. You give meaning to your workforce and put people back at the centre.

Raising awareness of social and environmental issues

What for :
  • Enable all your employees to play an active part in the change process. E.g. climate murals, digital, etc.
  • Improve collectively. E.g. measuring your carbon footprint – Games and challenges
Objective: to be an agent of change

Devising solutions

What for :
  • Breaking down silos
  • Generate ideas
Objective: generate good ideas internally and accelerate their take-up

Roll out your CSR policy and give meaning to your workforce

What for :
  • Bringing out shared values.
  • Supporting change in a pragmatic way.

Objective: communicate your values and drive change

To accelerate sales with CSR levers

Our formats
Externally and internally
We offer you the formats that are best suited to your needs, without ever stopping us from suggesting formulas that you might not have spontaneously thought of. Meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations is our primary motivation!
We offer 3 main categories of formats for creating external or internal links.
  • Set lunch (e.g. impact-makers lunch).
  • A series of thematic breakfasts.
  • Aperitif conferences.
  • Themed tours at Salon
  • Learning expeditions.
  • etc.
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner for decision-makers.
  • A series of lunches, 1 a month, 10 a year, with a surprise decision-maker: an expert to help you understand an ecosystem, information-sharing, the president of an association, an executive in your target market, a potential partner, etc.
  • Accompanying your sales managers to trade fairs and making appointments.
  • etc.
  • Hackathons to innovate, de-silo and engage employees.
  • Setting up collaborative tools.
  • Climate and digital frescoes.
  • Calculating the carbon footprint.
  • etc.
Wherever relevant, we can offer our events in face-to-face, distance or hybrid formats. For example, when organising a conference on a subject close to the company’s heart, which can also be followed remotely.
We are creative, demanding and enthusiastic. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our formats.

And more

We can also offer you consultancy services to help you raise funds (impact contract support), set up juries and run Grand Prix events, organise a launch, etc. … Our mission is to put you in touch with people who can help you achieve your objectives.

They trust us

Fondation Saint-Pierre
Label Vie
Mozaik RH
Food Tech

They trust us

Links with ecosystems

Associations & Companies


Paris – Pavillon Wagram - On-site

A lunchtime networking event focusing on sustainable food, to put high-impact project leaders in touch with the entire ecosystem across the value chain. 180 decision-makers present, 3 speakers, 17 facilitators.


CCI - Ile de France - Remote

Workshop to raise awareness of youth inclusion. Digital format – 60 participants.


Montpellier – Opéra – On-site

Foundation launch evening and presentation of the 1st Grand Prix for Innovation in Child Health. Production and organisation. 1000 people at the Montpellier Opera.


Paris - Ministère des Finances Bercy - On-site
In partnership with the EDH Group’s EFAP: Award ceremony for the first TOP 10 Diversity Recruitment Trophy – 700 participants.



Get in touch with local and regional authorities – imagine a third place – Hackathon – 45 participants over 1 week – 4 x 2H. A journey to imagine a Third Place dedicated to sustainable food.

1 to 1 links

Associations & Companies


Fund-raising and contacts with investors

Support in structuring an impact contract. Raising €3 million. April 2021 – July 2023.


Launch of a grand prize
Links with members of the Jury and project sponsors. Support for the creation of a Grand Prix for innovation in children’s health.


Contact with a major player in the food industry
A restaurant under the Madeleine to serve good food to those who can’t afford it.
Anne Ferrand
  • More than 20 years in the events business, notably with the world leader, connecting executives through innovative formats
  • 20+ years in business development, 7+ years experience in training and education, with a strong focus on results and team commitment
  • 15 years experience in sales and marketing management positions in B2B (financial services, personal services, professional events)
  • Involvement in business transformation and acceleration projects, covering all human issues (commitment, mobilisation, employee experience)
  • Projects in over 8 business sectors
  • Focus on CSR for over 15 years
  • Graduate of Paris – Dauphine PSL
  • Short course – ESSEC – Measuring social impact
  • Short course – Mines Paris-Tech – Financing non-profit organisations

Our promise


Stimulate the desire to support and change by highlighting the implications, investments and achievements.


Connecting and creating links in the best interests of both parties.

A professional approach

Keeping our word and honouring our commitments, giving our customers the benefit of our carefully acquired expertise.


Always looking for the best way to do things, always remembering that time is short, and always acting without counting the minutes.

Our values


Listen to the people you are dealing with and take their wishes into account.


Believe in what you do, and do what you believe in, without deviating.


To act with complete loyalty towards our corporate customers, our partners and all our stakeholders.



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