Buy One Give One

During a trip to Argentina in 2006, the Texan entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie participates in a shoe distribution project for disadvantaged children. He then realizes he could put his entrepreneurial talents to use for the benefit of underprivileged children. Back in the US, he launched his company, Shoes for a better tomorrow, which later became known as Toms.  Toms makes a new style of northern Argentinian shoes, Alpargata.  The concept was to give a pair of new shoes to a child in need for every pair sold.

This business model, that Mycoskie patented under the name of “one for one“, also called “Buy one, give one”, is still marginal in France, but is adopted in the US by more and more companies (or by an increasing number of companies). Today, Toms offers the opportunity to engage for only 59 dollars. And it works! In eight years, more than 10 million pairs were distributed. After expanding its offer to glasses, Toms has announced the launch of a range of coffee, to finance access to water programs in developing countries. With his personal history and his desire to change the world, Mycoskie was able to reach the generation Y in search of meaning. Toms has been emulated! – Credit: Toms