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So Impact gathers

wishing to embrace the social economy and social entrepreneurs
seeking funding and skills.

So impact rapproche les entreprises

Facilitator of social
and solidarity economy

so impact gathers, the actors in this economy on one platform in one place at one time, to accelerate the financing, and implementation of projects.



« Ideas Box » – The Media Kit Libraries without borders

Promote access to information and culture, for refugee or displaced populations Developed by NGO Libraries without borders, Ideas box is a media kit enabling refugees and displaced persons to access computers, books, movies or internet connection. The project, chosen...
logo handicap parking


Referencing places accessible to people with disabilities in Europe Since 2006, this platform allows everyone to reference online places accessible to the disabled. Nearly 75 000 places are already listed all over France. The association would like to do more, by...
prothèse bionique

Bionicohand by My Human Kit

Involve people with disabilities in making their prosthesis My Human Kit is an association aimed at developing health for all through the invention, sharing and manufacture of assistive disability, achievable for and with the people involved. For many people with...


Because the world changes, so impact gives you
the keys to be part of this change.

Les offres

Remain at the forefront
of innovation

So impact helps corporates and financiers discover new business models with high social impact. So impact allows them to meet social entrepreneurs and associations with innovative projects. These new entrepreneurs are incredible models testers. They all seek to reconcile solidarity, economic performance and social utility.


So Impact

1/2 DAY – in house –
to discover new models with high social impact, involve your forces and energise your teams.

We discuss with you your needs, your goals, your target (participants).
Together we define the expected benefits of this half-day seminar, which takes place within your company.


So Impact

1 FULL DAY – elsewhere –
to meet, listen, select projects and discover latest trends in your industry.

Meet the key players in the social economy for a whole day.


For U

So Impact
for you


We ‘re offering our years of experience and our network to create for you and your business unique and different event that supports social entrepreneurship.
Contact us for more information.



new social solidarity and economic models that impact our way of life and our environment.


Get inspired

by these start-ups, identify and implement new operational modes.


Fund & support

social projects to be part of and live in a sustainable and more social world.



a new societal contract.

Ready to get



The social and solidarity are investments to “feel good

Community service projects are numerous and concern all sectors.

The collaborative economy, sharing economy, circular economy, the social and solidarity economy are deeply changing our behaviour.



The social and solidarity “are losing money

Yet it is an economy that weighs heavily:

In France in 2015 the turnover of this sector reached 54 billion euros.

The Social Responsible Investment (SRI), on the border of the economic investment, environmental and social, weighs 7 600 billion, in the world 5 000 billion of which in Europe



The social and solidarity are destined to a handful of people, associations, NGOs, Foundations…

More than 2.38 million people

work in France in the field of social and solidarity economy, i.e. 12.7% of private jobs.

At European level, the social economy represents 10% of all enterprises i.e. 6.5% of paid employment: 2 million businesses employ over 14 million employees in Europe.


The social economy is becoming unavoidable.

Companies involved with social economy will have a competitive edge: they will win and keep their employees, by embarking them into rewarding projects. All through the process, they will find answers to their various needs.

Motivate your team

It will help you motivate your teams and employees. Social economy reveals desires. It is inspirational!

Strengthen the sense of belonging

The Human Resources policy will be affected:  involvement in a cause of general interest goes hand in hand with a strong sense of belonging to the company, which re-energizes employees.

Engage consumers

The image of a company will be positively impacted by a strong commitment to social and innovative models. 66% of “Global consumers” and 73% of “Global Millennials” say they will pay more for sustainable brands. 70% of “Millennials” also say that membership of a business to a community influences their decision to work there or to buy a product.

Discover new business models

Finally, being involved in the social economy provides awareness for the emergence of new models as well as a watch over the economy and society’s new trends.

Create a link between your company and innovative organizations,
Unify your company forces
Create a new relationship with your customers based on commitment.

So Impact attitude

Let’s join forces for an
active, positive and dynamic world.