Because the world changes, so impact
gives you the keys to be part of this change.

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of innovation

So impact helps corporates and financiers discover new business models with high social impact. So impact allows them to meet social entrepreneurs and associations with innovative projects. These new entrepreneurs are incredible models testers. They all seek to reconcile solidarity, economic performance and social utility.


So Impact

1/2 DAY – in house –
to discover new models with high social impact, involve your forces and energise your teams.

We discuss with you your needs, your goals, your target (participants).
Together we define the expected benefits of this half-day seminar, which takes place within your company.

Your employees will be able to meet:

  • A specialist in your industry and its latest innovations and / or allied industries that can inspire you. This expert will also address the social impact of these innovations and their possible implementation within your company.
  • At least two social businesses in your field of action.
  • 1 Association.


  • Introduce innovation within the business and the organization.
  • Support change management and demonstrate alternative routes with proof of concepts.
  • Involve employees and revitalize teams.
  • Reinforce the sense of belonging to a company that cares about the wellbeing of others.
  • Provide an overview of technological and competitive landscape on the social and innovation axes.
  • Embody the word “support”!



So Impact

1 FULL DAY – elsewhere –
to meet, listen, select projects and discover latest trends in your industry.

Meet the key players in the social economy for a whole day, during which we organize:

  • Four 75 minutes conference-tracks where stakeholders and project leaders present their projects. At the end of each 75-minute session, 45-minute speed matching enable project developers and financiers/’contributors’ to meet individually and discuss the projects in more detail.
  • A lunch and two coffee breaks encourage informal meetings to foster dialogue.
  • 8:30 Start / End 5:30 p.m.


  • Understand, innovation, new business models and social impact in one place at one time.
  • Discover new alternatives.
  • Assist change players by getting involved in their projects.
  • Provide resources and skills to social entrepreneurs and help them sustain their actions.
  • Fund social entrepreneurs.
  • Get an overview of technological and competitive landscape on the social and innovation axes.

So Impact
for you


We ‘re offering our years of experience and our network to create for you and your business unique and different event that supports social entrepreneurship.
Contact us for more information.